Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is like a bird without wgings

to soar high

Dream big

dream wide

For life is nothing without


Dear friends

If you wish very much

one day it will come true



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18 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Hello pooja, I’ve read your poem and it sounds great. But, I wish that you would of spelled your words correct and checked your grammar. Who are you talking about when you say life is nothing without dreams?

    Pooja, If you ever decide to visit my blog, here’s my URL


    • Hi Milani,
      I am actually talking about myself when I say life is nothing without dreams. It was my dream for someone I did not know to appreciate
      my work.Then , my teacher told me about blogs and then I came into the world of blogs. I waited for a month for at least one person to leave a comment.
      I was thrilled when I got a large number of comments.A big thank you for being a part of making my dream come true.

      Your Friend,

  2. I like your post. Did you make the poem yourself ? I hope you keep making poems on your blog. If you want to see some interesting pots you should come to my class blog Mcdowell Media.

  3. Hi,
    My name is Kyla. I love this poem so much it is very well said. I agree with everything you wrote, you should never let go of your dreams. Thank you for writing this it makes me so happy.

  4. Hi my name is Sam,

    I think that this is a very inspirational and true. Believe it or not I have been to India, me and my family went to an elephant sanctuary to see elephants, they are very cool! One question I have is if you have ever been the the USA?

  5. Hi there! I really liked your post! I wish you added punctuation, and wings was spelled wrong. I wonder if you could come visit my blog and please leave a comment. I would appreciate it! Have a fantastic day!

    Your Friend,
    Katie 🙂

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